Bonfire Night Near Me: Middlesbrough’s Top Events & Displays

Bonfire Night Near Me: Middlesbrough

Bonfire Night is a much-anticipated event for families and friends across the UK, and Middlesbrough offers some of the best celebrations around. With November 5th just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Bonfire Night experience in Middlesbrough. From dazzling firework displays and community bonfire events to family-friendly activities and traditional food and drink, there’s something for everyone this Bonfire Night in Middlesbrough.

Key Takeaways:

  • Middlesbrough offers some of the best Bonfire Night celebrations in the UK
  • There are a variety of events and displays to choose from, including firework shows and community bonfires
  • Family-friendly activities and traditional food and drink are also available
  • Planning in advance is recommended due to the high demand for accommodation and event tickets during this period

Celebrate Bonfire Night in Middlesbrough

If you’re looking to celebrate Bonfire Night on November 5th, Middlesbrough has a range of exciting events and celebrations for you to enjoy. Historically, Bonfire Night originated as a commemoration of the failed Gunpowder Plot, in which Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Nowadays, it’s a time for celebration, with fireworks, bonfires and a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

In Middlesbrough, Bonfire Night is celebrated with gusto, and you can find a variety of events and displays happening across the town. Whether you’re looking for a large-scale firework display or a smaller community event, Middlesbrough has plenty to offer.

Celebrate Bonfire Night in Middlesbrough

If you’re looking for a large-scale event, Middlesbrough Sports Village hosts a fireworks display that attracts thousands of visitors each year. With a funfair, food stalls, and a spectacular firework show, it’s the perfect way to celebrate Bonfire Night with family and friends. Alternatively, Albert Park offers another annual event that includes a bonfire and firework display, with live music and entertainment to keep the whole family amused.

If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale, there are also many community events taking place across Middlesbrough. Local clubs, churches and schools often organize their own Bonfire Night celebrations with activities such as a bonfire lighting ceremony, children’s entertainment, and homemade food stalls. These events are a great way to get involved and celebrate with your local community.

Top Firework Displays in Middlesbrough

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Bonfire Night experience, Middlesbrough has a great array of firework displays to choose from. Here are some of the top events to attend:

Event Date Location Description
Stewart Park Firework Extravaganza 5th November Stewart Park Join the biggest Bonfire Night event in the town, featuring a huge bonfire and breathtaking fireworks display. With live music, food stalls, and fairground rides, it’s an exciting night for all.
Marton Cricket Club Fireworks 5th November Marton Cricket Club Enjoy a spectacular fireworks display set to music, with plenty of food and drink options on offer. Children under 12 go free, making it a great event for families.
The Waterwheel Bonfire and Firework Display 5th November The Waterwheel Inn Experience a traditional Bonfire Night celebration with a warming bonfire and dazzling fireworks display. With BBQ food and a licensed bar, it’s a cozy and intimate event.

Other popular firework displays include the Acklam Rugby Club Fireworks, the Longlands Club Firework Display, and the Eston Residents Association Bonfire and Fireworks Display.

Don’t miss out on these impressive events! Check their websites for further information and ticket prices, and book your spot in advance for a night to remember.

Community Bonfire Events in Middlesbrough

If you’re looking for a sense of community and want to support local initiatives, attending a community bonfire event is a great option. Middlesbrough hosts several community-driven Bonfire Night celebrations, each with its unique attractions and activities. These events often have a family-friendly atmosphere and offer a range of entertainment options suited for all ages.

The Linthorpe Community Centre Bonfire Night event is a popular choice for families. Set on November 5th, the event features a bonfire, fireworks display, and a children’s firework display. Additionally, there is live music and entertainment, hot food, and a licensed bar. This community event is perfect for getting together with friends and family and making new connections in the neighbourhood.

The Hemlington Recreation Centre also organizes an annual Bonfire Night event, featuring a bonfire and fireworks display. Children can enjoy a funfair and plenty of food and drink facilities, including a licensed bar. The event aims to promote community spirit, with funds raised going towards supporting local initiatives.

Another community-led initiative is the Stainton Village Bonfire and Fireworks. This event takes place on November 5th and features a grand bonfire and a colorful fireworks display, with additional attractions such as a funfair, hot food, and refreshments. The community event supports local charities and is an excellent opportunity to gather and celebrate with your neighbours.


Attending a community bonfire event in Middlesbrough is an excellent way to enjoy Bonfire Night while supporting local initiatives and strengthening community bonds. These events offer a unique atmosphere and a range of entertainment options suitable for all ages. So gather your family and friends and head out to one of Middlesbrough’s community events for an unforgettable Bonfire Night experience.

Family-Friendly Bonfire Night Events in Middlesbrough

If you’re looking for a fun-filled evening with the whole family, you’re in luck! Middlesbrough has plenty of family-friendly Bonfire Night events to choose from. With exciting activities and entertainment options for all ages, these events are guaranteed to keep everyone happy and engaged.

At many of these events, you can expect fairground rides, face painting, and even storytelling sessions that will keep your little ones enthralled. There are also plenty of food stalls offering traditional Bonfire Night treats, such as toffee apples and hot chocolate.

One popular family-friendly event is the Saltburn Fireworks and Bonfire Event, held on November 5th at Saltburn Cricket Club. In addition to a spectacular firework show, there are various children’s rides and attractions, as well as food and drink stalls.

Event Description
Redcar Cricket Club Bonfire and Fireworks Night With a bonfire, fireworks, and a live band, this event has something for everyone. There are also food stalls and a licensed bar.
Stockton Fireworks Display This event features a spectacular fireworks display, as well as children’s entertainment, food stalls, and a funfair.
Ingleby Barwick Fireworks Display Expect a dazzling fireworks display, music, and various children’s attractions, including a funfair and games.

Be sure to also check out your local community centers, parks, and sports clubs for smaller, family-friendly events. These events may have less of a crowd and can be a great way to support your local community.

Remember, when attending family-friendly Bonfire Night events, safety should always be a top priority. Keep a close eye on your children, especially around the bonfire and fireworks. Follow official guidelines and heed any warnings given by event organizers.

With so many great family-friendly Bonfire Night events happening in Middlesbrough, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your family. Don’t miss out on this fun and exciting celebration!

Safety Tips for Bonfire Night

If you’re planning on attending a Bonfire Night event in Middlesbrough, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Follow these tips to ensure a fun and secure evening:

  • Always follow official guidelines: Check the event’s website or signage to learn about specific rules and recommendations for attending the Bonfire Night celebration. Different events may have different safety regulations, so be aware of the ones in place for your chosen event.
  • Keep a safe distance: Respect the barriers and fenced-off areas around the bonfire and fireworks display. Maintain a safe distance and keep young children close by to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Be cautious with sparklers: If you’re using sparklers, make sure you hold them at arm’s length and wear gloves to avoid burns. Always supervise children who are using sparklers and dispose of them safely in designated bins.
  • Don’t drink alcohol: Avoid alcohol consumption before and during the Bonfire Night event, as it can impair your judgement and reaction time. Stay sober to ensure you’re aware of your surroundings and can respond to any potential risks.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Look out for hazards such as uneven surfaces, discarded litter, or low-hanging branches. Watch your step and keep an eye on where you’re going.
  • Report any suspicious activity: If you notice anyone acting suspiciously or see any unattended packages or bags, report it to event staff or the authorities immediately.
  • Use official facilities: If you need to use the restroom or first aid facilities, make sure you use the ones provided by the event organizers. Avoid using public or private facilities that are not designated for Bonfire Night attendees.
  • Keep pets at home: Bonfire Night celebrations can be overwhelming and distressing for pets. Keep your furry friends safe at home, preferably in a quiet room with curtains drawn and some background noise to muffle the sound of fireworks.

By following these safety tips, you can enjoy a fun and memorable Bonfire Night celebration in Middlesbrough while staying safe and vigilant. Have a great time!

Bonfire Night Food and Refreshments in Middlesbrough

If you’re attending a Bonfire Night event in Middlesbrough, make sure to come hungry! There are plenty of food and drink options available to warm you up and satisfy your appetite.

One of the most popular Bonfire Night treats is the classic toffee apple, perfect for munching on while watching the fireworks. If you’re in the mood for something savoury, you can’t go wrong with a hot dog or a juicy burger, grilled to perfection and served with all your favourite toppings.

For those looking to stay warm, hot chocolate is a must-try, with plenty of vendors offering this deliciously comforting beverage. And if you’re in the mood for something a little different, keep an eye out for local stalls offering unique food options like homemade soups or locally-sourced treats.

No matter what your taste buds are craving, you’re sure to find something to enjoy at one of Middlesbrough’s Bonfire Night events.

Bonfire Night Traditions in Middlesbrough

As you celebrate Bonfire Night in Middlesbrough, take a moment to appreciate the unique traditions that make this event special. One of the most prominent customs is building a bonfire, typically with wooden pallets and other flammable materials. The bonfire symbolizes the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes, a tradition that traces back to the 17th century.

Speaking of effigies, making and burning “Guys” is another popular custom in Middlesbrough. These life-sized figures are made out of old clothes stuffed with newspapers or hay, then placed on top of the bonfire to burn. Children often come up with creative designs for their Guys, which are meant to represent the infamous Guy Fawkes and his failed Gunpowder Plot.

During Bonfire Night events in Middlesbrough, you may also encounter other local customs, such as torchlit processions or firework displays with specific themes. Some events even include competitions for the best Guy or the most impressive fireworks. These traditions add to the festive atmosphere of Bonfire Night in Middlesbrough and make each celebration unique.

Overall, embracing the traditions of Bonfire Night in Middlesbrough adds to the excitement and nostalgia of the event. Whether you are a Middlesbrough local or a visitor, taking part in these customs is a way to connect with the community and honour the history behind Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night Events for Charity in Middlesbrough

Attending Bonfire Night events in Middlesbrough can also be an opportunity to support charitable causes. Many of the events organized in the town are aimed at raising funds for local charities, providing a great way to give back to the community while enjoying a fun evening.

Some of the charities involved in Bonfire Night events in Middlesbrough include the Butterwick Hospice, which organizes an annual firework display at Middlesbrough Sports Village, and Zoe’s Place, a hospice for babies and young children, which benefits from the fireworks show at Middlesbrough Rugby Club. Other events, such as the one organized by Acklam Rugby Club, support a variety of local charities and organizations.

By attending these events, you can contribute to a good cause and have a great time with family and friends. Many of the events offer additional ways to donate or support charities, such as charity stalls, raffles, or donation boxes, so be sure to look out for these opportunities on the night.

Bonfire Night Accommodation in Middlesbrough

If you’re travelling to Middlesbrough for Bonfire Night celebrations, it’s worth considering your accommodation options in advance.

There are a variety of hotels and bed and breakfasts located near the different event venues, such as The Marton Hotel & Country Club, Jury’s Inn Middlesbrough, and The Baltimore Hotel.

If you prefer a more homely feel, you can also look for local rentals on platforms like Airbnb. This option not only gives you a sense of being part of the local community, but also often comes with additional amenities, such as a kitchen and living room.

It’s important to book your accommodation early due to the high demand during Bonfire Night season. This will also give you a better chance of securing a spot close to your preferred event location.

Bonfire Night Photography Tips in Middlesbrough

Attending a Bonfire Night event in Middlesbrough means experiencing a spectacular display of fireworks and enjoying the festive atmosphere with family and friends. Capturing these magical moments with your camera can be a great way of preserving them forever. Here are some photography tips to help you take stunning images during Bonfire Night.

1. Use Manual Mode

Manual mode is the best setting for taking firework photos. Set your aperture to f/8 or f/11 to get the best depth of field and adjust your shutter speed to between 5 and 10 seconds. Experiment with different shutter speeds to create different effects, such as longer exposures for light trails or shorter exposures to capture individual fireworks.

2. Use a Tripod

Using a tripod is vital for keeping your camera stable during long exposures. It will help you avoid blurry images and keep your shots sharp. If you don’t have a tripod, try using a steady surface like a wall or a table to keep your camera still.

3. Find the Right Spot

When taking firework photos, the location of your camera is important. Find a spot that provides a clear view of the fireworks without any obstacles, such as trees or buildings, blocking your view. Try to get close to the action to capture the full impact of the fireworks.

4. Be Patient

Patiently waiting for the right moment to take a photo is essential. Fireworks are unpredictable, so it may take a few attempts to get the perfect shot. Don’t get discouraged, keep trying until you get the desired result.

5. Experiment with Composition

Experimenting with composition can make your photos stand out. Try framing the fireworks with other elements, such as trees, buildings, or people, to add depth and interest to your shots. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

With these tips, you are ready to take stunning photos of the Bonfire Night events in Middlesbrough. Remember to respect others’ privacy and safety while taking photos and have fun capturing the magic of this special evening.

Bonfire Night near Me: Middlesbrough’s Top Events & Displays

Thank you for reading this guide to Bonfire Night events in Middlesbrough! We hope you have found the information useful in planning your celebrations. Remember, Bonfire Night is a special occasion commemorating an important historical event, and it is best enjoyed with family and friends.

As we have shown, Middlesbrough has a variety of events and displays to offer on November 5th, from large firework shows to community bonfires and family-friendly activities. Attending these events not only guarantees an exciting evening but also supports local initiatives and charities.

We advise you to plan your Bonfire Night celebrations in advance, choosing the events that suit your preferences and booking accommodation if necessary. Safety is also crucial, so please follow the official guidelines provided by event organizers, especially when it comes to handling fireworks and bonfires. Lastly, don’t forget to capture the memories with your camera and share them with your loved ones.

Once again, we hope you have a fantastic Bonfire Night in Middlesbrough!


Q: What is Bonfire Night?

A: Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a traditional British celebration held on November 5th to commemorate the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. It involves the lighting of bonfires and the setting off of fireworks to symbolize the foiling of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Q: Where can I find Bonfire Night events in Middlesbrough?

A: There are several Bonfire Night events happening in Middlesbrough. Some popular locations include [insert event venues and addresses here]. Check local event listings or websites for specific details.

Q: Are Bonfire Night events suitable for children?

A: Yes, many Bonfire Night events in Middlesbrough offer family-friendly activities and entertainment. However, it is important to check the event details to ensure suitability for children of different ages.

Q: What safety precautions should I take during Bonfire Night?

A: It is important to follow safety guidelines during Bonfire Night. Stay a safe distance away from bonfires and fireworks, supervise children at all times, and follow any instructions given by event organizers or staff. It is also advisable to dress warmly and be aware of any potential hazards.

Q: Can I bring my own fireworks to a Bonfire Night event?

A: It is generally not allowed to bring your own fireworks to a Bonfire Night event. The fireworks provided at these events are handled by professionals who follow strict safety procedures. Bringing your own fireworks can pose a risk to yourself and others.

Q: Are pets allowed at Bonfire Night events?

A: Pets are generally not recommended at Bonfire Night events due to the loud noises and potential for crowds. It is best to keep your pets safe and secure at home during the festivities.

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