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Bonfire Night Near Me: Cofton Common

As the temperature drops and autumn sets in, it’s time to start planning for one of the most exciting events of the year: Bonfire Night. And if you’re looking for a spectacular celebration near you, look no further than Cofton Common.

This annual event is one of the top Bonfire Night celebrations in the UK, drawing thousands of attendees each year. Located in the heart of the beautiful Cofton Park, Cofton Common provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of fireworks, fun, and family-friendly activities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bonfire Night Near Me: Cofton Common is one of the top events in the UK
  • The celebration includes a spectacular fireworks display
  • There are a variety of family-friendly activities available
  • Attendees can indulge in delicious food from a range of vendors
  • Booking tickets in advance is recommended
  • Cofton Common is an ideal location to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night
  • Important safety precautions and practical information are provided for attendees

Discover the Spectacular Fireworks Display at Cofton Common

One of the main attractions of the Bonfire Night celebrations at Cofton Common is the breathtaking fireworks display. You won’t want to miss this spectacular moment, as the night sky is illuminated with vibrant colours and intense explosions. The display is carefully choreographed to a musical soundtrack, making for a truly immersive experience.

The fireworks usually start around 7:30 pm, but we recommend getting there earlier to secure a good viewing spot. There are designated areas for viewing the display, so be sure to follow the instructions of event staff and volunteers to ensure your safety.

Fireworks Safety Tips

While the fireworks display at Cofton Common is a mesmerising sight, it’s important to remember that fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

“Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn’t gone off, it could still explode.”

  1. Stay a safe distance away from the fireworks and designated firing area.
  2. Do not attempt to light or handle fireworks yourself – leave it to the professionals.
  3. Keep pets indoors or in a secure, quiet area to prevent them from getting frightened or injured by the fireworks.
  4. Wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing to protect yourself from any debris or sparks.

By following these safety tips, you can enjoy the fireworks with peace of mind and make the most out of your Bonfire Night experience.

Engage in Family Fun Activities

Bonfire Night at Cofton Common is not just about fireworks! This family-friendly event offers a range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

You can try your hand at traditional fairground games, have fun on the rides, and enjoy live entertainment throughout the evening.

There are also stalls selling glow sticks, light-up toys, and other treats to add to the festive atmosphere.

Kids will love getting their faces painted with fun designs, and there’s even a special area for the little ones with age-appropriate games and entertainment.

With so much to see and do, you won’t have a dull moment at Cofton Common’s Bonfire Night celebration!

Indulge in Delicious Food

The Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common offers a wide range of food options to satisfy your taste buds. From traditional Bonfire Night snacks such as toffee apples and hot dogs to more elaborate dishes such as gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizzas, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll find a variety of food stalls and vendors throughout the event, serving up delicious treats all night long. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savoury, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in some delicious food while enjoying the festivities at Cofton Common on Bonfire Night.

Book Your Tickets Now

If you’re eager to experience the excitement of Bonfire Night at Cofton Common, it’s time to book your tickets now. By purchasing your tickets in advance, you can avoid the hassle of long queues and secure your spot at one of the UK’s top Bonfire Night celebrations.

Early bird discounts or special offers may be available, so be sure to check the event website for details. Booking online is quick and easy, so you can focus on anticipating the thrilling fireworks display and enjoying all the family-friendly activities and delicious food offerings.

Celebrating Guy Fawkes Night at Cofton Common

Are you looking for a memorable way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night? Look no further than Cofton Common, where you can experience the charm and excitement of this iconic British holiday.

Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night, is celebrated annually on November 5th to commemorate the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. The holiday is marked by bonfires, fireworks, and the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes, the plot’s mastermind.

Cofton Common offers a prime location to celebrate this historic event. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the stunning fireworks display, indulge in delicious food, or participate in family-friendly activities, Cofton Common has something for everyone.

What to Expect at Cofton Common
Spectacular Fireworks Display: Cofton Common’s fireworks display is a must-see. The stunning visual spectacle will leave you in awe and create lasting memories.
Family Fun Activities: Cofton Common offers a range of activities for families, including games, rides, and entertainment. Children and adults alike will enjoy the festive atmosphere.
Delicious Food: No celebration is complete without delicious food. Cofton Common has a variety of food stalls and vendors offering traditional Bonfire Night snacks and other treats to satisfy your appetite.

Don’t miss out on this memorable holiday celebration. Make your way to Cofton Common to experience a true British tradition with family and friends.

The Bonfire Night Tradition on November 5th

If you’re looking for a traditional Bonfire Night event near you, Cofton Common is the place to be. November 5th marks the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a historic event in British history. Each year, people across the UK gather to celebrate Bonfire Night and commemorate the thwarting of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

At Cofton Common, you can experience the true essence of Bonfire Night, with a spectacular fireworks display and a roaring bonfire. Attendees can engage in a range of family-friendly activities, enjoy delicious food, and take in the festive atmosphere.

The Origins of Bonfire Night

The Gunpowder Plot was a failed attempt by a group of Catholic conspirators to assassinate King James I and replace him with a Catholic monarch. The plot was discovered thanks to an anonymous letter, and Guy Fawkes, one of the conspirators, was caught guarding the explosives that were meant to be used in the attack.

The discovery of the plot led to a nationwide celebration on the anniversary of the event. Effigies of Guy Fawkes were burned on bonfires as a symbol of the failed plot, and fireworks were set off as a way of recreating the sound of the explosion that would have occurred had the plan succeeded.

Over time, Bonfire Night has become an important cultural celebration in the UK, with events taking place in towns and cities across the country.

Safety Precautions for a Memorable Bonfire Night

To ensure a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common, it is important to follow certain safety precautions. It is essential to prioritize your safety and that of those around you, especially when dealing with fire and fireworks.

Keep a Safe Distance

It is crucial to keep a safe distance from the bonfire at all times. The heat and flames can be dangerous and cause severe injury or harm. Stay at least 5 meters away from the bonfire and follow the designated areas marked for viewing.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Dress appropriately for the weather conditions as it can get chilly outside. Wear warm clothing, gloves, and hats to avoid risk of hypothermia. Additionally, avoid wearing loose or flowing clothing items that could easily catch fire, especially near the bonfire or fireworks display.

Supervise Children at all Times

Children should be supervised at all times and not allowed to wander off on their own. Make sure they stay in designated areas and away from the fire and fireworks, with an adult always present to watch over them.

Follow Instructions from Event Staff

Listen carefully to any instructions given by event staff, including announcements and signage posted around the event site. Follow their guidelines and take immediate action when instructed to ensure your safety.

Dispose of Waste and Cigarettes Responsibly

Dispose of all waste and cigarette butts responsibly in the designated trash and ashtray bins provided. Never throw any items into the fire, as it can cause unnecessary risk and harm.

By following these safety precautions, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common. Remember, safety is of utmost importance, and we want you to enjoy the event while prioritizing your well-being and that of others.

Directions and Parking Information

Cofton Common is conveniently located and easily accessible by car or public transport. If you’re driving, there are several parking options available within walking distance of the event location. The closest car park is located on Cofton Park Drive, just a short walk away from Cofton Common. Additional parking is available on Low Hill Lane and West Heath Road.

If you’re traveling by public transport, the nearest train station is Longbridge Station, which is only a 15-minute walk from Cofton Common. Alternatively, buses 45, 47, and 146 stop near the event location.

Please note that road closures may be in effect during the event, so it’s recommended to check for updates on local traffic reports and plan your route accordingly.

Weather Updates and Event Cancellation Policy

As much as we hope for clear skies and pleasant temperatures, weather conditions can sometimes lead to event cancellations. In the case of Bonfire Night celebrations at Cofton Common, we prioritize the safety and enjoyment of all attendees.

If there are any updates or changes to the event due to adverse weather, we will make sure to notify you through our official website and social media channels. It’s essential to keep an eye out for these updates to avoid any inconvenience.

In the unlikely event that we do cancel the event, we will have a clear refund and rescheduling policy in place. We will provide further details on how to proceed with refunds or rescheduling if this occurs.


As you can see, Cofton Common offers one of the top Bonfire Night celebrations in the UK. The spectacular fireworks display alone is enough to make it an unmissable event, but the family-friendly activities and delicious food options make it even more enticing.

If you’re looking for a memorable way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th, Cofton Common should definitely be at the top of your list. Make sure to book your tickets in advance and take advantage of any early bird discounts or special offers.

Remember to follow the important safety precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. And don’t forget to check the weather updates and event cancellation policy to stay informed.

With easy access and ample parking options nearby, it’s never been easier to join in on the Bonfire Night fun at Cofton Common. So mark your calendars, gather your loved ones, and get ready for an unforgettable night. We’ll see you there!


Q: What is Bonfire Night?

A: Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is an annual celebration in the United Kingdom on November 5th. It commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, when Guy Fawkes and his associates attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Today, Bonfire Night is marked by fireworks, bonfires, and the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes.

Q: Where is Cofton Common located?

A: Cofton Common is located in the UK, near [insert location].

Q: What can I expect at the Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common?

A: At the Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common, you can expect a spectacular fireworks display, engaging family fun activities, delicious food options, and a festive atmosphere. It is one of the top events in the UK to celebrate Bonfire Night.

Q: How do I book tickets for the Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common?

A: You can book your tickets for the Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common by visiting our website [insert website] and following the booking instructions. Book your tickets now to secure your spot!

Q: Is there a cancellation policy for the Bonfire Night event?

A: In the event of adverse weather conditions or any other circumstances that may lead to the cancellation of the Bonfire Night event at Cofton Common, updates will be provided on our website and social media platforms. Please refer to our cancellation policy for information on refunds or rescheduling.

Q: Are there any safety precautions to keep in mind during the Bonfire Night celebration?

A: Yes, it is important to follow safety precautions during the Bonfire Night celebration at Cofton Common. These include keeping a safe distance from the bonfire and fireworks, wearing appropriate clothing, and supervising children at all times. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines provided at the event.

Q: How can I get to Cofton Common?

A: Cofton Common is easily accessible by [insert transportation options]. Detailed directions can be found on our website. Parking options are also available nearby. Plan your visit in advance to ensure a smooth journey.

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