Bonfire Night Near Me: Bridgwater – Your Spectacular Guide

Bonfire Night Near Me: Bridgwater

If you’re looking for a festive and exciting way to celebrate Bonfire Night, look no further than Bridgwater. This town is renowned for its stunning fireworks displays, large bonfires, and family-friendly activities that will keep you entertained all night long. Whether you’re a local resident or planning a visit, Bonfire Night in Bridgwater is an experience unlike any other.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bridgwater is a popular destination for Bonfire Night celebrations
  • The town offers a variety of events, fireworks displays, activities, and parties
  • Families can enjoy safe and fun-filled activities during the festive season

Bonfire Night Events in Bridgwater

Bridgwater is the perfect place to celebrate Bonfire Night, with a range of exciting events and activities for all ages. Here are some of the best events happening in and around Bridgwater this year:

Event Name Date and Time Location Description
Weston-Super-Mare Carnival and Fireworks Display 5th November, 7:15pm Weston-Super-Mare Beach Lawns This event features a stunning carnival procession with floats and costumes, followed by a spectacular fireworks display over the seafront.
Somerset County Cricket Club Fireworks Display 5th November, 6:30pm Somerset County Cricket Ground Watch the sky light up with a fantastic fireworks display set to music, accompanied by food stalls and a funfair.
Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival 6th November, 7pm Bridgwater High Street A long-standing tradition in Bridgwater, this carnival features illuminated carts and performers wowing the crowds, followed by a fireworks display.

Other events to keep an eye out for include the Burnham-on-Sea Carnival, Taunton Rugby Club Fireworks Display, and the Cannington Bonfire and Fireworks Display.

Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival

If you’re looking for a quintessentially British Bonfire Night experience, the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival is not to be missed. This annual event dates back to the 1600s and features a dazzling display of illuminated carts and performers parading through the streets of Bridgwater. The carnival also includes a fireworks display, marking the end of the procession.

This year’s Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival takes place on 6th November, starting at 7pm on Bridgwater High Street. Be sure to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot and soak up the festive atmosphere.

Fireworks Displays in Bridgwater

Bonfire Night in Bridgwater is not just about the bonfire itself, but also the spectacular fireworks displays that light up the night sky. There are several locations throughout the town where you can enjoy these incredible displays.

Location Timing Type of Fireworks
Ashcott Village Green November 5, 7:00 PM Traditional
Bridgwater Rugby Club November 6, 6:30 PM Multi-colored
The Castle at Taunton November 6, 7:30 PM Sparkling

It’s important to arrive early at your chosen location to secure a good viewing spot, especially if you’re attending with children. Also, be sure to dress warmly, as the evenings can get quite chilly in November.

In addition to the fireworks displays, many locations offer additional entertainment and food stalls. Make sure to check out the full programme for each event so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Watching the fireworks displays is one of the highlights of Bonfire Night, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience this incredible spectacle in Bridgwater.

Other Bonfire Night Activities in Bridgwater

Aside from attending the fireworks displays and events, there are many other activities to enjoy on Bonfire Night in Bridgwater. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Take a stroll through the town centre and enjoy the festive decorations.
  • Visit one of the many food vendors and indulge in some delicious treats, including traditional Bonfire Night foods like toffee apples and hot dogs.
  • Watch the Bonfire Night processions, which often involve colourful floats and costumed performers.
  • Ride on the funfair attractions, from classic carousels to thrilling roller coasters.
  • Listen to live music performances from local artists, who often play in designated areas around the town.

Whether you’re exploring the local area or enjoying the festivities in one of the event locations, there’s something for everyone on Bonfire Night in Bridgwater.

Bonfire Night Parties in Bridgwater

Are you looking for some lively entertainment on Bonfire Night? Look no further than the parties happening in Bridgwater! Many venues in the area are hosting special events on the night, featuring live music, DJ performances, and seasonal drinks and snacks.

You can check out The Carnival Club for a night of dancing and celebration, or head to The Palace Nightclub for a special Bonfire Night party. The Engine Room and The Blake Arms are also popular destinations for those looking for a fun and festive atmosphere.

Make sure to book your tickets in advance, as these parties are likely to sell out quickly. And don’t forget to dress warmly – the night air can be chilly!

Must-Visit Attractions on Bonfire Night

While in Bridgwater for Bonfire Night, there are some must-visit attractions that will enhance your experience. Take a stroll through the town centre, where you can admire the picturesque historical buildings and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

One iconic landmark that you shouldn’t miss is the Bridgwater Castle, located in the heart of the town. While the castle is not open to the public, it provides a stunning backdrop for the fireworks display and adds to the magic of the evening.

If you’re looking for a scenic spot to watch the fireworks, head to King’s Square. This open space offers an unobstructed view of the sky, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

For a more peaceful experience, visit the Blake Gardens. This beautiful public park is located just a short walk from the town centre and offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the celebrations.

No matter where you choose to spend your evening, make sure to bring your camera and capture some unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Bridgwater’s historic charm.

Family-Friendly Bonfire Night in Bridgwater

If you’re in Bridgwater for Bonfire Night and looking for family-friendly activities to enjoy, you’re in luck! There are plenty of options to keep kids entertained and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Many of the Bonfire Night events in Bridgwater offer dedicated family zones, where you can find a range of activities suitable for children. Look out for face painting, children’s entertainment, and safe viewing areas with a clear view of the fireworks display. Make sure to arrive early to secure a spot in these popular areas!

For a unique family-friendly activity, consider joining one of the Bonfire Night processions that take place in Bridgwater. These processions feature lit-up floats and costumed participants, and offer a fun and exciting way to kick off the celebrations.

It’s important to remember that Bonfire Night can be loud and overwhelming for young children. If your kids are sensitive to noise, consider bringing earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones to keep them comfortable. And as always, be sure to dress warmly and bring blankets to stay cozy throughout the evening.

With a bit of planning and preparation, Bonfire Night in Bridgwater can be a wonderful family-friendly experience for all. So gather your loved ones and get ready to enjoy the festivities in a safe and enjoyable way!

The Best Bonfire Night Near Me: Bridgwater

Are you looking for the ultimate Bonfire Night experience in Bridgwater? Here’s a guide to help you make the most of this popular celebration.

Event Location Date and Time
Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Bridgwater Town Centre 6th November, 7 pm
Bridgwater Rugby Club Fireworks and Bonfire Night Bridgwater Rugby Club 5th November, 6 pm
Cannington Bonfire and Fireworks Display Cannington Village Playing Fields 6th November, 6 pm

These are just a few of the events and fireworks displays happening around Bridgwater. Don’t miss the chance to experience the spectacular fireworks and festive atmosphere!

Tip: Make sure to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot and avoid the crowds.

In addition to the main events, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy on Bonfire Night in Bridgwater. Take a stroll through the town centre and take in the illuminated streets or explore the local landmarks that provide a stunning backdrop to the celebrations.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly experience, be sure to check out the funfair rides, live music performances, and children’s entertainment available at many of the events. And of course, don’t forget to indulge in some delicious seasonal food and treats!

Tip: Dress in warm layers and comfortable shoes, and bring cash for food and drinks stalls.

Must-Visit Attractions on Bonfire Night

  • The Bridgwater Town Hall
  • The Blake Museum
  • Kings Sedgemoor Local Nature Reserve

Make your Bonfire Night in Bridgwater even more memorable by visiting these must-see attractions. Take a guided tour of the historic town hall, learn about local history at the Blake Museum, or explore the natural beauty of Kings Sedgemoor Local Nature Reserve.

Tip: Take advantage of free admission to these attractions during Bonfire Night.

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant party atmosphere or a family-friendly celebration, Bridgwater has something for everyone on Bonfire Night. Follow this guide and experience the best of this popular event!


Now that you have a comprehensive guide to Bonfire Night in Bridgwater, you can plan your evening and make the most of the local festivities. Remember to stay safe and respect local guidelines, and enjoy the vibrant and exciting atmosphere of this annual celebration.


Q: What is Bonfire Night?

A: Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is an annual event in the United Kingdom that commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. It is celebrated on the 5th of November with bonfires, fireworks, and festive activities.

Q: Why is Bonfire Night celebrated?

A: Bonfire Night is celebrated to remember the failed attempt by a group of conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London. The plot was discovered, and Guy Fawkes was arrested on the 5th of November. The event is a symbol of the preservation of the monarchy and the foiling of a treacherous plot.

Q: Where can I find Bonfire Night events in Bridgwater?

A: There are several Bonfire Night events happening in Bridgwater. Check local event listings, community notice boards, or websites for information on specific events, dates, and locations.

Q: Can I bring my children to Bonfire Night events?

A: Yes, many Bonfire Night events in Bridgwater are family-friendly and offer activities for children. However, it is important to ensure the safety of your children and follow any specific guidelines or age restrictions set by the event organizers.

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