Bonfire Night Near Me: Belfast – Top Guy Fawkes Events 2021

Bonfire Night Near Me: Belfast

If you’re looking for a memorable way to celebrate Bonfire Night near you, Belfast is the place to be. The city is renowned for its spectacular Guy Fawkes events, which offer a unique blend of tradition, entertainment, and community spirit. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Belfast’s Bonfire Night celebrations.

Key Takeaways

  • Belfast is known for its impressive Bonfire Night celebrations.
  • The city’s events offer a mix of tradition, entertainment, and community spirit.
  • There are plenty of activities, entertainment options, and food stalls to enjoy.
  • It’s important to follow safety guidelines and plan your visit in advance.

Celebrate with Bonfires in Belfast

One of the key traditions of Bonfire Night in Belfast is the building and lighting of large bonfires. These bonfires are typically constructed in working-class areas of the city and act as a focal point for community celebrations.

The construction of the bonfires is a highly competitive affair, with different areas vying to build the largest and most impressive structure. The materials used to build the bonfires typically include wooden pallets, tyres, and other combustible materials. The end result is a towering inferno that can be seen from miles around.

Bonfire Locations

If you’re planning to attend a bonfire in Belfast, there are several key locations to be aware of. One of the most popular is the Shankill area in the west of the city. This area is home to several large bonfires, including one that is set alight by the Shankill Road Defenders Flute Band.

Another popular location for bonfires is the East Belfast area of Bloomfield. Here you can find the Bloomfield Walkway bonfire, which is known for its impressive size and a spectacular fireworks display.

Bonfire Traditions

Aside from the impressive size of the bonfires themselves, there are several other traditions associated with Bonfire Night in Belfast. One of the most notable is the burning of effigies, which are often meant to represent controversial political figures or cultural icons.

Another tradition associated with bonfires is the playing of loyalist music and the waving of Union Jack flags. This has led to some controversy and criticism of the celebrations in recent years, with some arguing that they promote sectarianism and division.

Despite these controversies, the bonfires remain a key part of Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast, and they continue to draw large crowds each year.

Spectacular Fireworks Display Belfast

One of the highlights of Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast is the spectacular fireworks display that lights up the night sky. If you’re looking for the best spots to view the fireworks, there are several great locations to choose from.

The Titanic Slipways is one of the most popular viewing spots, with stunning views of the fireworks over the water. This event attracts large crowds, so it’s important to arrive early to secure a good spot.

The Shankill Road is another popular location for viewing the fireworks. The atmosphere here is lively and festive, with plenty of food and drink stalls to keep you fueled throughout the evening.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed viewing experience, Stormont Estate is a great option. This scenic location offers a peaceful setting for watching the fireworks, away from the crowds and noise of the city.

It’s important to note that the timing of the fireworks displays can vary depending on the event. Check the event details beforehand to make sure you don’t miss out.

If you’re planning to attend a fireworks display, be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment. It’s also important to follow safety guidelines and stay a safe distance from the fireworks at all times.

Engaging Bonfire Night Activities Belfast

Attending Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast is not just about watching spectacular fireworks or admiring towering bonfires. There are plenty of engaging activities and entertainment options on offer for attendees of all ages.

From family-friendly activities to live performances, there is something for everyone during Belfast’s Bonfire Night celebrations. Some of the most popular activities include:

  • Face painting
  • Bouncy castles
  • Food stalls offering traditional treats such as candy apples and toffee
  • Live music and dance performances
  • Traditional Irish storytelling

Many of the activities are free of charge, making it an affordable and enjoyable night out for families and friends. The atmosphere is electric as people come together to celebrate the occasion.

Aside from the official events and activities, there are also smaller-scale street parties and gatherings throughout the city. These offer a more intimate experience and a chance to mingle with the locals.

Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in the engaging activities and entertainment during Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast. It’s a unique and memorable experience that you won’t want to miss.

The Best Bonfire Night in Belfast

Bonfire Night in Belfast is a truly unique experience. From the spectacular bonfires to the mesmerizing fireworks displays, the city goes all out to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. Here are some of the standout features that make Belfast’s Bonfire Night celebrations the best:

  • The Bonfires: The bonfires are a key part of Bonfire Night in Belfast, with towering structures built in various locations across the city. Some of the most popular locations include Shankill Road, Sandy Row and Cluan Place. These bonfires are carefully constructed over the course of weeks, and are a symbol of community pride and identity.
  • The Fireworks: The fireworks displays on Bonfire Night in Belfast are truly spectacular. The best views can be had from the city’s parks and green spaces, including Ormeau Park and the Falls Park. The fireworks usually begin around 8pm and last for around 20 minutes, featuring a stunning array of colours and patterns.
  • The Activities: There’s no shortage of things to see and do during Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast. Live music, food stalls, and funfair rides are just some of the activities on offer. Many of these events are family-friendly, making Bonfire Night an enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

So why not come and experience the best Bonfire Night in Belfast? With its vibrant atmosphere, incredible bonfires and breathtaking fireworks displays, you’re sure to have a night to remember.

Important Tips and Safety Guidelines

Attending Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast can be a thrilling experience, but it’s important to prioritize safety. Here are some tips and guidelines to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable time:

  1. Arrive early: If you plan on driving to the event, keep in mind that parking spaces can fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, arrive early and park in designated parking areas.
  2. Stay hydrated: Bonfire Night can be a long and tiring event, so make sure to stay hydrated by bringing your own water or by purchasing drinks from the vendors on site.
  3. Dress appropriately: The weather can be unpredictable in November, so it’s important to dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes. If it’s raining, bring a waterproof jacket and umbrella.
  4. Stay alert: With large crowds and potentially unpredictable behavior, it’s important to remain aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your belongings.
  5. Follow the rules: Bonfire Night celebrations are subject to certain rules and regulations, such as no fireworks in the designated area. Follow these rules to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
  6. Stay clear of the bonfire: While it may be tempting to get closer to the bonfire, it’s important to keep a safe distance. Bonfires can be unpredictable and dangerous, so be sure to follow any warnings or instructions from the event organizers.
  7. Plan your exit: Before heading to the event, make sure you know the location of the nearest exit in case of an emergency.
  8. Take care of your pets: Bonfire Night celebrations can be distressing for pets. If you plan on bringing your pet to the event, make sure to keep them on a leash and away from the bonfire and fireworks.
  9. Use public transport: To avoid traffic and parking issues, consider using public transport to get to and from the event. This will also help reduce your carbon footprint.

By following these tips and safety guidelines, you can have a fun and safe Bonfire Night experience in Belfast. Remember to always prioritize safety and have a great time!

Public Transport Options

If you’re planning to attend Bonfire Night events in Belfast, it’s important to consider your transportation options. Thankfully, Belfast has an extensive public transport system that allows you to travel quickly and easily between the different celebration sites.

The Belfast Metro bus service is an affordable and convenient option for getting around the city. You can use the Translink website to plan your route and check bus schedules, which may be adjusted to accommodate large crowds during Bonfire Night celebrations.

If you prefer to travel by train, Translink also operates the NI Railways service in Belfast. This service covers a wider area of the city and provides quick access to sites further afield.

Special Services

During Bonfire Night celebrations, there may be special public transport services in place to help attendees get to and from the celebration sites. These may include shuttle buses, extended operating hours, and additional trains on certain routes.

It’s worth checking the Translink website before you travel to see if any special services are available. These can make traveling around Belfast on Bonfire Night much easier and more convenient, especially if you’re not familiar with the city’s regular transportation options.

  • Make sure to plan your route in advance and give yourself plenty of time to travel.
  • Be prepared for large crowds and potential delays.
  • Take note of any road closures or diversions that may affect your journey.
  • Respect other passengers and follow the rules and guidelines set by Translink staff.
  • Consider taking a taxi or private car service if public transport is not available or convenient.

By following these tips and using the public transport options available, you can enjoy Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast without worrying about transportation logistics.

Accommodation Options

For those travelling to Belfast for Bonfire Night, there are plenty of accommodation options available to suit all budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a hotel, bed and breakfast, or self-catering apartment, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

If you want to stay close to the action, there are a number of hotels located near the main celebration sites. The Europa Hotel and the Grand Central Hotel are both within walking distance of the Belfast City Council Bonfire and Fireworks Display, while the Titanic Hotel Belfast is conveniently located for those attending the Titanic Slipways event.

For those on a budget, there are a number of hostels located in and around the city centre. These include Lagan Backpackers, Global Village, and Vagabonds Belfast.

You may also want to consider renting a self-catering apartment, particularly if you’re travelling with a group or staying for an extended period of time. Properties can be found on websites such as Airbnb and, with options ranging from studios to large houses.

Whatever your accommodation needs, make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment, as rooms can fill up quickly during this popular event.


Congratulations, you are now fully equipped to enjoy Bonfire Night in Belfast! With a variety of traditional bonfires, spectacular fireworks displays, engaging activities, and a unique cultural experience, Belfast offers an unforgettable celebration of Guy Fawkes Night.

Remember to stay safe by following the guidelines provided for parking, crowd management, and personal safety. Keep an eye on your surroundings and be aware of any potential hazards.

If you’re coming from outside the city, consider taking advantage of the public transport options available. This will ensure a stress-free journey to and from the celebration sites.

Finally, don’t forget to book your accommodation in advance to secure the best location for your stay. With a range of options available, from hotels to bed and breakfasts, you’ll find the perfect place to rest after a night of festive fun.

So what are you waiting for? Make your plans now to experience the best Bonfire Night in Belfast. We wish you a safe and enjoyable celebration!


Q: What is Bonfire Night?

A: Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is an annual event celebrated on 5th November in the United Kingdom. It commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and the arrest of Guy Fawkes, who attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Q: What are the top Guy Fawkes events in Belfast in 2021?

A: Some of the top Guy Fawkes events happening in Belfast in 2021 include the Belfast Fireworks Display at Boucher Road Playing Fields and the EastSide Arts Festival Bonfire Night event at C.S. Lewis Square.

Q: Where can I find bonfires in Belfast?

A: Bonfires are a key part of Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast. You can find bonfires at various locations across the city, including the Shankill Road, Sandy Row, and the Falls Road.

Q: What are the traditions associated with bonfires in Belfast?

A: Bonfires in Belfast are often built with wooden pallets and other flammable materials. They are typically lit on the evening of 5th November and serve as a focal point for community gatherings, fireworks displays, and live performances.

Q: Where can I watch the fireworks display in Belfast?

A: The best locations to watch the fireworks display in Belfast include Boucher Road Playing Fields, C.S. Lewis Square, and some areas along the Lagan River. These locations offer great views of the fireworks and are often accompanied by additional entertainment.

Q: What activities are available during the Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast?

A: The Bonfire Night celebrations in Belfast offer a range of activities for all ages. You can enjoy family-friendly activities, such as face painting and fairground rides, as well as live music performances, food stalls, and cultural displays.

Q: What makes Bonfire Night in Belfast special?

A: Bonfire Night in Belfast is known for its vibrant atmosphere and strong community spirit. The bonfires, fireworks displays, and engaging activities create a unique experience that brings people together to celebrate the city’s history and culture.

Q: What are some important tips and safety guidelines for attending Bonfire Night events in Belfast?

A: When attending Bonfire Night events in Belfast, it is important to follow all safety guidelines provided by event organizers. This includes keeping a safe distance from the bonfire, listening to instructions from stewards, and being aware of your surroundings. Additionally, ensure that you park in designated areas and avoid blocking emergency access routes.

Q: What public transport options are available for Bonfire Night events in Belfast?

A: Belfast offers a range of public transport options for attendees of Bonfire Night events. Bus and train routes provide convenient access to celebration sites, and special services may be in place on the night. It is advisable to check the schedules and plan your journey in advance.

Q: Are there accommodation options near the Bonfire Night celebration sites in Belfast?

A: Yes, there are various accommodation options near the Bonfire Night celebration sites in Belfast. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other types of accommodation can be found conveniently located, allowing you to enjoy the festivities without having to travel far.

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